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Acupuncture cures sudden deafness

Acupuncture is a treatment that works on hormones that enhance cellular regeneration. It cures sudden hearing loss by acting differently from "prednisone," "methycobal," or "adefoscoa." If you suffer from sudden hearing loss, please consult us. Acupuncture can help you.

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Do you have any of these problems?

  • Steroids had no effect.

  • Hearing does not return.

  • Ears feel stuffy.

  • Tinnitus is painful

  • I can't tell when more than one person speaks.

突発性難聴で悩む男性 突発性難聴で悩む男性

"Acupuncture" is the answer to your problems with sudden hearing loss.

Solving such problems!!

Three key points to cure sudden hearing loss

We examine the patient from a different angle than a doctor.

Sudden hearing loss that does not respond to medication has certain characteristics. By examining the overall condition of the body and treating each of these characteristics carefully, sudden hearing loss that has been given up on as incurable can often be improved.

ascertain the cause!

Our Unique Tests

Look for stress and blood flow abnormalities.

Tests to find the cause of sudden hearing loss

Many otolaryngologists refer to sudden hearing loss as ear infarction. In fact, patients with sudden hearing loss have many of the characteristics of patients who are prone to stroke or myocardial infarction. We look for symptoms that make the arteries leading to the inner ear more prone to blood clots in a different direction than the doctor's examination.

Thermography test for stress conditions

Inspection 1Check the temperature of the face

Stress causes a decrease in facial temperature, as in the case of a troubled face turning blue. The blood vessels in the ear also spasm and the immunity of the inner ear is reduced and infarcts are more likely to occur. Even if you are not feeling stressed, you are often in a high-stress state.

Thermography test for blood flow in the calf

Inspection 2Examine blood flow in the calf.

The calf is said to be the second heart. Economy class syndrome, which can cause myocardial infarction or stroke due to varicose veins in the calf, is well known. It is one of the most common symptoms in patients with sudden hearing loss.

Examination of blood flow to the inner ear using echo

Inspection 3Examine blood flow in the vertebral artery.

A crooked neck compresses the vertebral artery that carries blood to the inner ear, reducing blood flow. This is seen in most patients who suffer from sudden hearing loss. Reduced blood flow to the vertebral artery can also cause dizziness and tinnitus.

Audiogram test to measure hearing level

Inspection 4Find out if you can distinguish between the two.

Hearing loss in one ear can make it difficult to hear in a workplace where many people work together. We measure hearing with an emphasis on being able to hear and distinguish in a crowded place. The acupuncturist takes the audiometric measurements, so everything, including the patient's mental state, is utilized in the acupuncture treatment.


Acupuncture improves blood flow to the inner ear and boosts immunity.

Acupuncture is performed according to the test results. After treatment, when growth hormone begins to be produced during non-REM sleep, the healing power around the ear increases as if to repair acupuncture treatment scars. This is an effective way to increase the immunity and regeneration of the inner ear. Since there are no strong side effects like steroids, treatment can be done several times a day depending on the situation.

8 acupuncture treatments
and the scale out improves!

This patient was hospitalized and treated with steroids and prostaglandin E1 infusion, followed by intravenous steroid tympanic chamber infusion, but his hearing did not improve and he was discharged with scale-out on all frequencies. This patient's scale-out improved after 8 acupuncture treatments and his hearing began to recover. (*Thereafter, the patient was transferred to a nearby acupuncture clinic at his request)

What is Scale-out?

A condition in which no sound is heard at all is called "scaled out" in audiometry.Marks on the test results (*X---- for the left ear and ○ for the right ear). It is represented with a scale-out mark

Treatment of stellate ganglion with super riser

A far infrared laser is used to relieve tension in the stellate ganglion.

When the sympathetic nerve mass (stellate ganglion) in the front of the neck is strained, blood flow to the inner ear is reduced. Pain clinicians improve blood flow to the inner ear by anesthetizing the stellate ganglion, but there is concern about damaging the nerve, so these days they often use a far-infrared laser to treat this problem. The treatment takes about 10 minutes with no side effects.

Our Unique Treatment!!

Effective even 3 months after onset!

Rehabilitation of sudden hearing loss
acoustic therapy

Sound distortion, tinnitus, sound reverberation, insomnia, and depression (depression) caused by sudden hearing loss can be improved with acoustic therapy. Acoustic therapy is our original treatment method, in which the patient listens to music with bone-conduction headphones whose sound levels are adjusted based on the patient's audiogram.

We have received a lot of feedback.!!

Patient Testimonials

Inspection alone is possible.
Please contact us first.

All of our examination methods are original. Even for sudden hearing loss that is said to have no known cause, we can often find clues to cure it if we consider it as a systemic disease and examine it. Please feel free to consult us even if you have been to a hospital or another acupuncture clinic.

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4 reasons why our clinic is chosen

Recommended acupuncture clinic for sudden hearing loss

Even 3 months after the
onset of the disease.
Do not give up.

Many patients who undergo acoustic therapy say they can hear sounds more easily, even three months after the onset of sudden hearing loss. I believe this is because the brain is able to integrate and recognize the different sound volumes coming in from the left and right ears. Acoustic therapy is effective in restoring such excellent brain abilities.

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Please note that we may not be able to respond to your request due to medical examinations, etc. Please understand in advance.

Do you have any concerns before treatment?


Frequently asked questions during treatment and appointments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Steroids have not been effective. Would acupuncture help?
Acupuncture seems to restore hearing through the action of hormones different from steroids. (In many cases, patients who have had no effect from intravenous steroids or injections in the tympanic membrane begin to regain their hearing.
I have sudden hearing loss, and now sounds are muffled or echoing. Will these symptoms get better with treatment?
These symptoms are typical of sudden hearing loss. When hearing is restored through acupuncture, symptoms such as a sense of entrapped hearing, ringing, and tinnitus can be improved accordingly. Other symptoms of auditory replacement, in which sounds of a certain frequency resonate, can also be improved.
Sound crackles with hearing loss.
Many people suffer from sudden hearing loss and sound crackling. It is thought to be due to a breakdown of the hearing cells that fine-tune the loudness of sound. It is often caused by stress on the brain. This symptom often improves with acupuncture. Rehabilitation of the ear and brain along with acupuncture can improve the condition.
I hear double sound, can it be cured?
Sudden hearing loss causes a difference in hearing on the left and right sides of the body, which can lead to double-hearing of sounds and loss of direction of sounds. Such symptoms are often improved by restoring hearing with acupuncture and rehabilitating the way people hear sound with acoustic therapy.
I had intravenous steroid infusion and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, but it did not work. Will acupuncture make it better?
Please consult us as soon as possible, as there are cases where hearing recovery begins with acupuncture even in the whole area scale-out (sudden deafness deafness type) where steroid treatment has had no effect. Tinnitus and ringing in the ears are also effective.
It has been 3 months since the onset of symptoms, is it still effective?
Please consult with us about combining acupuncture with acoustic therapy to help restore hearing in some cases for a gradual recovery. It is also effective in improving tinnitus. Our acupuncturists search for clues to treat intractable diseases by measuring audiograms according to the acupuncture treatment. This allows for more precise treatment.
What is acoustic therapy?
This is a rehabilitation program in which you listen to a music CD, level-processed to your own hearing level, through bone-conducting headphones to hear the positioning of two violins, a viola, and a cello. Even if your hearing recovery level is fixed, you can improve your sound hearing distress by matching your brain function to your ears.
What kind of treatment do you provide?
After three months, we will combine this treatment with acoustic therapy to relieve tension and anxiety in the brain and improve the ability to hear and hear. After three months, acoustic therapy is used in combination with the treatment to relieve tension and anxiety in the brain and to enhance hearing.
I was diagnosed with stress-induced hearing loss. Would acupuncture be effective?
Sudden hearing loss has been noted in recent years to be caused by stress and fatigue. In treating sudden hearing loss, our clinic improves sudden hearing loss by improving blood flow to the inner ear, thereby enhancing natural healing power and making the inner ear more resistant to stress.
I am pregnant, can I still be treated for sudden hearing loss?
Acupuncture treatment does not use medication, so there is no effect on the fetus. Acupuncture treatment is possible during pregnancy. We have experience treating many pregnant women, so please consult us with confidence.

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